VIBE Music Festival 2016

Rules and shoutout announcement!

The ULTIMATE Festival Process & FAQ Post **MUST READ**

  • Festival is happening August 27th at Diefenbaker Park. Doors open at NOON (12PM) and the festival ends at 10:45PM. We are offering free parking within Prairieland Park lot. Parking is not allowed on St. Henry Ave or within Diefenbaker Park. Violators will be ticketed and towed. This festival is 16+ and 19+ for the beer gardens. VIP is all 19+.
  • You must have a valid piece of government photo ID for the gates. No exceptions.
  • Re-entry IS allowed up until 6PM tomorrow night. After 6PM you will have to remain inside the festival grounds, and if you leave you will not be able to re-enter.
  • If you’re coming for your first time to the festival after 6PM, that is fine. Doors will remain open until 10PM. If tickets are still remaining, we will sell them until 10PM. No price reduction anytime on tickets.
  • There are still some tickets available at: door tickets will be available for $100 GA and $140 VIP.
  • Both ticket types gain you full access to all artists (set times are posted already), but VIP gives you: a separate entrance line, access to the VIP Chill Lounge (couches, tables, phone chargers, best view of stage), and free swag. Capacity of VIP is limited.
  • You can print your ticket at home, or we can scan your ticket from your phone, but you must have it ready. We encourage you to print out your ticket to be safe.
  • It does not matter who’s name is on the ticket if they’re being transferred, as long as it scans. If you have a ticket that says 19+ that ticket is still valid.
  • We encourage you to bring a LOT of cash. There will be an ATM on site, but being prepared is always best and the lineups will be long.
  • If you were promised a ticket but did not receive it (ie. you won a contest, are volunteering, special circumstance, etc.) your name will be on a list at the front “Info and Ticket Purchase” tent. Tell them your name, and if you’re on the list you will get a ticket and you may proceed to the checking area.
  • EVERYONE (including staff and volunteers) must go through security at the front gates upon arrival. There will be four lanes (MEN, WOMEN, BAGS, VIP). Choose your appropriate lane and if you have a bag (any gender) you will go into the bag lane. All bags will be checked, along with any optional clothing items (furs, hats, etc). You will be asked to empty your pockets in the lane and everyone will be patted down. Your tickets will then be scanned and you will be ID’d and wristbanded.
  • ALLOWED ITEMS: Backpacks, extra clothes, clothing accessories, empty water bottles, rave items (hoops, gloves, wands, etc. are all fine) If there is anything else we’ve missed, ask us. We’re pretty lenient on what you can bring in.
  • DISALLOWED ITEMS: food or drink of any kind, alcohol, drugs, weapons, etc.
  • If you are found with any disallowed item you will be disallowed entry into the festival and ejected from the grounds. No exceptions. We have cheap drinks, and you shouldn’t be carrying weapons or drugs.
  • We will have cheap water on site ($2), and you are allowed to bring empty water bottles. Pop will be $3 and Monster, $4.
  • All drinks will be priced at $5. You must purchase tickets first. Options are (until we run out): Bud Light, Budweiser, Vodka, Rye, Rum, Gin.
  • There are to be no drinks on the 16+ area at any time. Any minor found in the 19+ area will be immediately ejected from the site, no exceptions. The beer gardens are clearly marked.
  • Any fighting will result in immediate ejection of all parties involved, no questions asked. No exceptions. We cannot wait to see Sask bring the positive vibes to this fest 🙂
  • This sound system is top of the line (PK Trinity). If you have sensitive ears and are at the front of the stage, it could be a good idea to bring earplugs.
  • The bars will close at 10PM and last drinks must be drunk by 10:30PM
  • There WILL be an Afterparty at Saskatoon Event Centre: Official VIBE Afterparty Presented by Skunk Funk. Jayceeoh is playing and you don’t know who else might show up!! (seriously).
  • Please be respectful of all staff and volunteers at all times during the festival. Please also be mindful of your garbage, there are garbage and recycling bins located throughout the site. We would REALLY appreciate if you utilized them 🙂

If there are any other questions, please ask. The site looks absolutely INCREDIBLE. TAG your crew on our facebook page to make sure everyone knows the rules! We cannot wait to see you ALL at VIBE!! 🙂

Special thanks to our partners:

  • Pro plus productions
  • PK
  • Sherwood Rv
  • Bud light
  • Saskatoon media group
  • Hub city
  • Super save fence
  • Rawlco radio
  • Culligan
  • Centennial foods
  • Saskatoon event centre
  • Jenn Finacial

Food trucks

  • Smokes Poutinerie
  • Homestead Ice Cream
  • Mamas Best
  • Nom Nom
  • Kokums Bannom
  • Disco Dogs
  • Pineapple Express
  • Big Ben
  • Schryers BBQ
  • Yumm Truck
  • Kazam Vending Co.